Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Week!

 Made sister Maya let me curl her hair, she hadn't had it curled in like 5 years!
 Totally forgot to mention our awesome team up Rachel! She is an RM, she served in Japan!
 Our tree
 Out tracting.
 Beautiful sunset... So much for a white Christmas, feels and looks more like spring or fall.
Went to a fancy restaurant with some members, they make the Caesar salad in front of you and the guy made me "help him". Mostly just let us take a picture, but it was pretty awkward, way to close for comfort.. Haha. 
District meeting :)
Cranberry and Beaver districts after White Elephant :)
  Christmas Morning :)

 Sister Maya all bundled up.. Good thing it was 60 degrees
This week we actually weren't able to teach a whole lot of people, they either were never home, "about to leave", busy, or just straight up didn't let us share a message, BUT we did get to bring Christmas spirit to a lot of people, doing service, plus Christmas, so is week was awesome! 
Unfortunately, Tuesday night I could tell that I was about to get sick, and of course I did. Isn't the flu shot supposed to prevent you from getting the flu or something?! So that put a damper things, but Christmas Eve, which was probably the day I felt to worst, I got a Priesthood Blessing. Faith heals! I have been able to recover really quickly, and just have a little cough now! 
So, We had a wonderful week of Christmas, the people who are in this ward are so amazing and made sure that we were well taken care of (probably too much with all the goodies they have sent us home with). we got to go Christmas caroling at a nursing home! It was just so sweet to see the joy that we were able to bring to these people. It touched my heart when Children of some of these residence would come up to us and say a very genuine "thank you", I know that our Heavenly Father loves them, and all of us, and I am grateful to feel a small portion of that love, and to serve these wonderful people! We also had district meeting combined with the Beaver district which was super great! Helped me to remember the importance of the basics, the Book of Mormon and studying out of Preach My Gospel, as well as being wise with our iPads! We also had a White Elephant exchange after! Missionaries can find the most random things in their apartments... I ended up with some batteries. That evening we went to the Fentons for a Christmas Eve dinner, there were like 5 families from the ward, super great Christmas Eve :) Christmas was a pretty chill day, which was nice, and I got to talk to my family! of course it was great to be able to skype home, as ALL 5 of my siblings, their spouses, and their children were able to be there on that call! I am so grateful for them. I know that this is A Christmas I will never, ever forget.  
Sunday was of course great as well, there were 2 girls leaving on their missions from the ward, they will be great, but one of them sang Called to Serve and of course I start bawling... I don't know why I keep crying in the middle of sacrament meeting! I swear like besides my siblings picking on me when I was younger I don't cry! Anyways, we also go to teach Relief society which I thought went pretty well, Sister Maya had never taught relief society, and I only have once, but It went pretty well!  
Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful week, and that you had a Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!

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