Thursday, February 27, 2014


I meant to post this a while ago... but it didn't happen. Better late than never!! So as I am sure many of you know.. I chopped my hair off! I wanted to cut enough off to donate so it was 10-12 inches.

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And After:
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Right after

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A few days ago.

Not sure why the pictures are sideways.... but yeah not sure how to fix that. I made my mom cut it on Chirstmas day so it has been just over 2 months. Also my mom found a piece of my hair from another time I l donated it so I decided to save a piece this time as well! The left is this time, and right was years ago. 
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Yup. I was just ready for a change and was getting tired of taking care of such long hair. I will probably grow it back out again now and when it gets super long again chop it again.