Wednesday, December 24, 2014

First few days on the Mission (with lots of pictures)

This week has been pretty good. The first few days were super overwhelming and I broke down a couple of times a day, but its getting better! The people here are great, and my companion has been super supportive. I have been missing yinz (hehe yes people actually say that) a lot more being here, but it is definitely getting better. We haven't really had any big storms at all yet, mostly just gross skys, pretty sure I saw blue sky for the fist time since being here today.
Sister Amendola is on the other side of Pennsylvania.. haha we are not close at all. She is on the East side of the mission and I am on the farthest west side.
I'm not sure if I actually want to drive here.. haha the roads are very hilly and windy/curvy. But thank  you for sending my drivers license. I will let you know when I get it!
My favorite scripture is John 3:16. :) Its super great at Christmas time too. If you haven't seen it you should watch the he is the gift video.
So Christmas we are going over to the Olivers (haha yup, they were excited to get me in this ward for that reason) for a brunch around 10.
Umm I don't have anyone's emails.. so any of my siblings would be cool.  
I love you so much! I've gotten a little more homesick then I thought I would, but it will all be good. Miss you and love you!
Love, Sis O2


 MTC companion: Sister Dez Amendola (across the street neighbor growing up)

 Saw David in his car while we were walking back from the temple!
  Anela Hansen (In my ward in Saratoga Springs)

 On the plane to Pennsylvania

 New Companion

Monday, December 22, 2014

Made it back east

Hello! Hey so my address is
600 Trabar Dr. Apt #23
St. Clairsville, OH
Feel free to write me :) My P day will be Monday, but President Johnson said we could email home so you could have our address if you were wanting to send anything for Christmas. Just so you know, our Ward is in Whelling West Virginia, but we live in St. Clairsville Ohio, we have been crossing the Ohio river everyday, and there are us and some elders in this ward, they have the WV side and we have the Ohio side. Anyways, I'll email Monday with more details and such, but I love you and miss you!
Sister Jessica Oliver

First Day! (12-4-14)

Hello! How are you doing? Miss me yet? Haha. Anyways, I just woke up after my first night at the MTC, and so far so good! Yesterday after you dropped me off, the sister who was showing me around picked up another sister as well and it was Anela Hansen! So we got to go around together for a little and I have actually seen her a lot more than I thought I would. Anyways, after putting my stuff away I went to my classroom and "met" my companion, her name is sister Amendola! Haha, yes David was right, it's really hard not to call her by her first name. We then had a devotional/welcome with the MTC presidents. After that we had dinner, I was still kinda nervous so I didn't eat much, but  it was good, and then the new missionaries all got in big groups to meet with some investigators, which I think we are doing again today. Then we met with our zone leaders, they are awesome, then we came back and got ready for bed and such. I had a hard time falling asleep, probably because I'm not used to going to bed as early, and I also woke up early. So I found out my Pday will be Thursday, but obiously not this week, we don't have one, so expect an email then. Also, feel free to send me addresses of family so I can write to them. Anyways, just thought I would write you how my first day went. It doesn't really feel like I am on a mission yet. It's more like college mixed with girls camp. I've heard it's kind of like EFY, but I don't know...Anyways, I love you! Have a wonderful day!

Sister Jessica Marie Oliver

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

And She's Off!

First day at the Missionary Training Center (MTC)