Monday, January 26, 2015

New apartment, pigs, pie and pizza

 I found an Oliver street sign! Wahoo! Also we went to a house that had a guard pig, kinda weird. I also ordered some mini scriptures and hymn book. Ignore the face, its mostly just to show you the size, they are so cute and little.

I also got a picture of the Oliver's pie shop sign! They are in our ward.

Pictures of our apartment in St. Clairsville aka Wheeling 

 Sister Palmer was taking pictures too so I got a picture of her :)
 We also had taco pizza, sounds gross but it was actually kinda good. 

Monday, January 19, 2015


We had zone training this week and there is a picture of all the sisters in the zone (ignore me in that picture, I didn't do my hair... :/) Haha and the elder who took the picture also took that selfie.. thought it was too good not to share. And a member in our ward in Wheeling gets all the missionaries to wear Seattle Seahawks jerseys and so I got a picture.

We found a mouse in the mouse trap in Washington. Gross. I also took pictures of the apartment in Washington, and I will take pictures of Wheeling apt. this coming week (I keep forgetting)

It apparently used to be a carriage house or something?

We also saw some really red birds out our window, the picture doesn't do it justice. and gas is under $2.00 say WHATTTTT?!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Silly companion fun

So Sister Talbot locked the keys in the car while the car was running. We ended up having to call the police station and a police officer came and got it unlocked for us. Yeah we were late to that dinner appointment.

It finally snowed! That is also on of the cars that we drive, a van. We have 2 cars while in a trio.

 A less active member gave us cowboy hats and jeggings... so this happened when we got home.. haha