Monday, December 21, 2015

Really long weekly update that doesn't even include much of what we did...‏

 This is our district leader, Elder Mink. He found my iPad and decided it would be a good idea to take some selfies.
 We made some more Christmas cards :) these are the ones I made.
 Huge house that we went to looking for a less active member... Doesn't live there anymore. These pictures just never do the actually things any justice.
Some crazy fancy chocolate that our stake president let us have after we Caroled at their house.

So theirs this thing that a lot of people do here in Pennsylvania that we like to refer to as the PA ramble. Once you get these people talking they will talk..And it can go on and on and change subjects 20 times, and somehow all flow together and we get nothing in within an hour unless we interrupt..Love these Pennsylvanians.  Heavy black heart️ Anyways,moral of the story, I'm pretty sure I am picking this up. This week especially I have realized that I just start talking and talking and don't even remember what I was trying to say but I got in about 5 other stories without even finishing the first. For example, this email, so long! Sorry! Gotta love the PA ramble. This week we have been making a lot of cards so we could get them done before Christmas. We started delivering a few of them on Sunday while caroling! So much fun and joy! So this week we did a lot of finding without actually finding too many people, BUT a few people actually let us in while tracting! On Thursday we were way ahead of schedule because we had planned to try a bunch of people but nobody was home so we decided to tract. We could have just not, because it was pouring rain, but we felt like we should.. So we heeded the prompting! While tracting on just one little road we were able to get into 2 houses to share the Christmas video! Funny thing was, neither of them actually believed in Jesus Christ! But it was cool to see how they were willing to learn more! One said "I thought the video would be scary... But it wasn't! It was really good!" Gotta love the Christmas spirit! This week the Pitt 4 ward had 5 people getting baptized, a woman and a family of 4. Since we share a church building we were able to go to the baptism! It was so amazing to feel the spirit and to witness these 5 people being baptized! It is such an important promise that we make to our Heavenly Father, in which he promises us that we can return to him, it is a necessary step towards salvation! So this week, I feel like I have been able to recognize a lot more the influence that the spirit truly does have on me every single day, in everything that I do. I know that the our Heavenly Father loves me and though we haven't been able to teach many people this week he has given me strength! I have had so much motivation to do good! To be a better missionary, to be a better person, to follow Christ, to follow the plan that has been set for me, and I am so grateful for the guidance of the spirit in all of that! And though they sound like the cliche answers, I know that this is all possible when I am doing the basic things like studying my scriptures and sincerely praying! So we had a dinner with a member of the bishopric and family. During our conversation Elder Glick (who is going home next week) was talking about how he was giving a talk next week, then Sister Maya chimes in and is talking about how she hasn't had to give a talk yet in this ward, so brother Fenton decides that it would be a good idea to get Sister Maya, me, and Elder Hoyt signed up to give talks because none of us have in this ward. I go on to tell him that February (the month that he is in charge of setting up) would be a good month for Sister Maya to talk if she's still in the area because that's when she will hit her 2 year mark of being a member of the church, well somehow that totally got turned around on me and he texted the member of the bishopric in charge of setting up January telling him that I want to talk... I love sharing the gospel, and I am totally ok with teaching every day, but the whole public speaking is still a rough one.. Yeah well.. More opportunities for me to learn and allow the Lord to give me strength! The spirit of Christmas is real. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost and the love and comfort that I feel. Sunday at church there was a lot of music and I got to sing in the ward choir, and it was just a wonderful, spirit filled meeting. At the end, for the closing hymn we sang Silent Night. Now this wasn't just any singing of this song, they had a flute, and the organ, and the piano, and to top it all off they had the primary kids go up to sing the first verse, and the rest of us joined in for the rest. I don't think there was a dry eye in that room, including mine! I don't cry! The spirit, and just the pure love of Christ that those kids have is amazing. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to spend 2 Christmas's as a missionary, though it can be hard to be away from family and friends that I love, I wouldn't trade this opportunity for anything. It is such a blessing to always be surrounded by the true meaning of Christmas, our savior Jesus Christ, and to be able to share that with every single person that we see! To see hearts softened, and to be able to serve so many people, I am just so grateful! So... #ASaviorIsBorn CHECK IT OUT if you haven't already!!! It is on seriously, go watch! And then after, share the video, and the Christmas spirit with others, and help CHRIST be the center of this Christmas season. You could change someone's life! This is the last few days before Christmas, share your testimony of Christ with others! :) And have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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