Monday, November 30, 2015


 Alright, so Happy late Thanksgiving! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and got to eat a lot of yummy food, cause I sure did! We had dinner on Thanksgiving with the McAllisters, some members here in Wexford. Such a great family, and they have a daughter that was here from BYU who recently got back from a mission, she is planning to come out with us when she gets back for Christmas break! It is so weird to have people coming here who are going to school out at BYU, it's kinda like we have just switched places! because then they go back to Utah, and I stay here in Pennsylvania!
Anyways, the work in this area is slowly but surely continuing to move forward, The Lord throws in a little tender mercy every day. I have now been here for 2 Sunday's, so I am slowly starting to learn who the people are! I am terrible with names, but I recognize faces which is good, the names will come! This ward truly is just so amazing, which is such a great blessing. They seem so missionary minded, and so willing to help.
I got an advent calendar this year, I've always wanted one so I'm super excited! We have had dinner with both the Bishop's family, and the Ward mission Leader's family, and they are great people to work with, and it definitely makes me want to continue to work harder to help this ward grow!
This week we had an awesome weekly planning session! It was just so awesome to see that we both want so badly for this area to grow, and the Lord is able to work with that, and guide us by the spirit on how to use our time wisely. A great experience that we had, so we had tried several times to stop by this potential investigator's house with no success, finally we decided to give her a call. Well we found out that number and name was a member from a nearby ward, so good thing she was never home or that would have been super awkward...But this member had referred her friend who is super prepared for the gospel, and we got her name and number and we were able to actually talk to Amanda (the potential investigator) and set up an appointment for Thursday, and she sounded so excited! So I'll let you know more next week how that goes!
#ASaviorIsBorn CHECK IT OUT!!! Hey! The new Christmas video is out! IT is on seriously, go watch! And then after, share the video, and the Christmas spirit with others, and help CHRIST be the center of this Christmas season, as he should be. What can you do to come closer to Jesus Christ this Christmas season?

 Got this email from my mission President this week, looks like I get an extra week on the mission! So my return date will be like June 22 or something I believe.
 The McAllisters made these adorable Turkeys for Thanksgiving!
 We helped the Bourquins set up their Christmas decorations :)
 Me and Sister Maya by the Christmas tree, we finally actually took a picture of the two of us! Haha
 So we were trying a Less active member the other day, and her husband came out with this... It was really cute and little, and He offered to let us keep it... Too bad we can't have pets.
 The Bourquins also let us borrow their cute little Christmas tree :)
 We were all over, we went around and through the whole city, went to the strip district, I got some sweet clothing souvenirs, this is "dahntahn" (down town)

 A cool wall
 The Bourquins were kind enough to take us, Bro Bourquin was raised in Pittsburgh so he was a great tour guide!

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