Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This week!

Thought this was funny

This week was so great! We seemed to get a lot of work done, which is always great. So Tuesday it was just awesome. I for some reason seemed to have extra motivation and was sharing lots of scriptures and personal experiences. We also started a super cool new thing that we like to call #skaipa. Sister Aipa is an amazing mother with 4 younger kids living at home, their lives always seem to be crazy! So since we now have Internet in our apartment we decided to Skype the Aipa family every night for scripture reading and family prayer! It has been so great to be able to get all of those kids together to have that spiritual upliftment every day.

Wednesday was another awesome day, we were able to have some really awesome lessons with some less active members. First we were able to see Sister Minnick. She was having a really hard day and we went and gave her a lot of comfort, but more importantly we testified of our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ and their love for her. We told her that if she came to church this Sunday she would be able to feel that love even more in her life. Sunday morning we texted her to remind her about church and she was hesitant to come saying "I'll try". As missionaries we come to know that this means no, so we didn't give up. We continued to testify of that love, and she came to church!!! We were also able to have a lesson with Brother Meaney. Such a great man who seems to have just been a lost sheep, we had sister Herbert, the bishops wife, with us to the lesson, and he also came to church this week!!
Thursday we went on exchanges with the Lewisberry sisters! I stayed in Etown with Sister Taunima. She is probably to coolest person ever and we were able to have a lot of fun, while still working hard! One of the people that we talk to was Tom. Tom is not a member but his wife and five kids are, with two of them being on missions. I have felt for a while that I should ask Tom why he has not yet been baptized, so this was my day to do it, to be bold and just ask. We picked a great day, he came right outside and talked with us. He is even ponderizing! We asked him why he had not baptized and we were able to find the concerns that he has, so now we are able to work with that!
On Friday we had MLC. This time we had it in Harrisburng. We also have a guess, Elder Kunz, an area seventy. It was a great day full of learning in the spirit. Sister Landa and I were able to present the idea of changin ghow they do the calls for transfers to them telling us on Saturday where we are going.  We were super nervous before hand but had a lot of support from President Johnson and Elder Kunz, and President Johnson decided that that is how we will go froward with the transfers! So I will probably find out this Saturday where I am going (since I will most likely get transferred). The focus of the training was observing the Sabbath Day, So important!!! Elder Kunz did a role-play, he asked me to go up and be his "investigator". He first started out by inviting me to church in which I said yes. But then he re-practice focusing on the Savior and having that invitation come from him, the spirit was so strong. As I stood there, him looking me in the eyes with his tear filling eyes, he invited to go to church as a representative of Jesus Christ. I know that our Savior loves us and that he wants us to follow his commandments, one of which being keeping the Sabbath day holy. I know that this brings such a blessing! We were also able to watch the new Christmas initiative!! It is not even out yet, so we got an amazing opportunity to watch, I AM SO EXCITED FOR EVERYONE TO SEE IT!  It just invites all of us to discover WHY, so great! Don't forget to check it out the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Novmeber 29th! I'm sure I will remind you though, don't worry :)

Sunday when we went to church we went knowing a few people who would come, but weren't expecting the great outcome that we had. There were 15 less active/recent converts at church! It was so wonderful to see so many people that I love there, and to see the fruits of the labor! I am so grateful to be a missionary at this time, I know that this is where I am supposed to be, and I'm grateful for the many people that Our Heavenly father has placed in my life!

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