Monday, November 16, 2015

Busy week, ending in transfer calls!‏

Sister Talbot and all her babies (me, Sister Yates-she had to go home early for medical purposes, and sister Bartlett)

 Our zone #1ancaster
 Me, Deb, and her mom Gene
  Me and Sister Aipa
Grace and I
 Us with sister Yordy
Me with the Fergusons

 I'm f'real leaving Etown... Our shakes before weekly planning
 3 mile island
The Stoffels


 Brother Allen
 After 3 missions this suitcase may need to retire..
 Sauerkraut... Why is this a thing? pork and Sauerkraut is super big in Lancaster county..
Packing during and after...It takes some skill to fit your whole life into 2 suitcases...

Alright, so this week we had a super busy week. We didn't even get to spend too much time actually working in our area. 
We started out on Monday by going up to Harrisburg and spending the day with their zone playing sports. Then we headed up to Sunberry for exchanges with sister Talbot and Sister Bartlett. It is about 2.5 hours from where we live so we got a fun little road trip in there. So we blitzed the area which is when we both stay there and each go with a companion. I got to go with my mom/trainer sister Talbot! It was so cool to be able to serve with her gain for a day to see how much we had both grown in the last 8 months!
On Wednesday we had zone training. We were trained on the same things that we learned at MLC, how to help others observe the Sabbath day. Sister Landa and I were able to train on the new mission initiative, #StressFree3. 1.Getting someone out with us to their lessons. 2. Inviting them to come to church and explaining what it will be like, and 3. Informing the ward leaders! I thought this was such a good idea to help us be accountable, and the help people get to church! We also got to see the church's New Christmas initiative again, #ASaviorIsBorn. It Really is so great!
So I pretty much knew that I was going to get transferred so on Thursday, the first day that we actually got to work in our area this week, we basically went all over our entire area to see a bunch of people that I wanted to say goodbye to! We ended with dinner at the Ferguson's. So Tom is not a member, but he usually asks us every time we go over what our messages for the day. His catchphrase is "bring it don't wing it". He said this right before we started our message, so I was a bit worried bu twent on with the message anyways. We shared a Mormon Message called "in the spirit of Thanksgivig" (feel free to add a link to the video or something) after showing them the video we talked about things that we are grateful for. The spirit was so strong as we talked, and by the end of the lesson Tom said "Way to go Ollie (this is the nickname I have been given..) you brought it!" YESSS!!!
Friday we did weekly planning, it is so hard when you are leaving an area to want to plan for their next week! But we got our Milkshakes and went to work and I was actually a lot more focused than I thought I would be. 
So on Saturday I was basically nervous the entire day, and have been since. Saturday is when they were making calls for transfers. We got to do a lot of service that day, helping the Larsens move, and racking leaves, there was also a stake Fiesta. Finally when we were at the fiesta the zone leaders were there and they told me where I am going. I will be getting transferred to Wexford! It is about 30 minutes North of Pittsburgh, so I will be heading back out to the West side of the mission! My new companion will be Sister Maya, she is just getting done with training, so she was been out for 3 months! Sunday we went and contracted a referral. Usually when we get referrals for a Bible they aren't as promising, but this one was awesome! The referral, Justin, was so receptive to the message that we had to share, and seems so sincere about learning more. So sad that I won't be able to continue teaching him, but I'm sure he will progress in the gospel!
I am so glad that I have had this opportunity to serve here in Elizabethtown, I am going to miss these people so much, but I look forward to the things to come in my new area! I know that I will be able to learn a lot and have so many more wonderful experiences!

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