Thursday, March 10, 2016

Weekly email update

Me, Elder Schofield and Elder Hoyt on Pday (on Sister Nelsons iPad, seriously can't leave them unattended or you get selfies...)
 Love this picture and quote from Relief society yesterday.
 Trip to New York :)
 Our car ride Elder Cahoon, Sister Nelson, me, Elder Schofield
Fireside :) love these sisters!
 Apparently Lucille Ball is from Jamestown NY! We even passed the cemetery she is buried in.
 Same order as the other picture.. Wendy's :)
Us being sad Elder Hoyt is gone.

Well this week has been a weird one! I hit 15 months this week!!! Crazy! We started out last Monday with Pday, spent the day up in Cranberry with our district. After we had a lesson with our investigator Bryan! He didn't seem too interested in what we had to teach until about a month ago when we showed him Family History! Ever since then he has shown a greater desire to learn. In our lesson we talked about CPR (church, prayer, reading) and he said that he would read from the Book of Mormon everyday! So we followed up with him a few days later, and he had been reading! It's the little tender mercies :) We also found out that evening that an Elder from our ward was going home on Wednesday, so we got a new Elder in the ward, and let me tell you, they are TOTAL opposites! 
This week we got to do quite a bit of service. To quote Sister Jarvis (one of my former companions) Service softens hearts. I am pretty sure the heart that was softened the most though was mine. I have seriously just felt so much LOVE from my Heavenly Father! I'll be honest, it was a weird, kinda hard week, it is that love that truly does get me through any hard time! So we got to organize the baptismal font closets at the church, help someone move, fill up the font, Goodwill, etc.. I really do love service so much!
Our investigator Olivia is seriously just so great! This week we got to meet her family (husband and kids) and have dinner with them, such a cute family! It is so cool to see how She has opened up so much and is comfortable asking the questions she has, and has truly become a great friend! We also had a lesson with her and talked about faith. We asked how her faith has grown as we have been meeting with her, she said "Oh well I would have to say it has grown TREMENDOUSLY!" This is another thing that I LOvE about being a missionary! Having the opportunity to see so many people strengthen their faith as they come closer to Christ!
One of the people this week that we helped move was Cheri. She is seriously so great. James and Nicole our investigators are living at her house. But we were able to talk to her a few times this week, her house is a great place to just feel peace :) she was feeling really stressed though as we went over to help her move, and it was cool to see that weight be lifted as we shared a message with her! The gospel really can bring so much peace, and happiness! I had an experience with that this morning. I was really having an off morning, I really just wanted to go back to bed, but as I sat down and read my scriptures I felt so much peace, love, and happiness. I was able to feel the comforter (love that name for the Holy Ghost!)
So on Wednesday we got a call from the Assistants saying that we would have the opportunity to go to a "Why I Believe" fireside Sunday! Us and the Elders got to ride up to Jamestown, NY with the Clarksons (a really awesome senior missionary couple from London England). I had never been to New York so that was pretty cool! Looks a lot like PA. But the best part was definitely the spirit felt as I was there! Again, an amazing opportunity to sing in a missionary choir. I love the spirit that is present every time we sing! It just about brings me to tears every single time! A feeling of that Love! I love my Father in Heaven and I know that he loves me! I am grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ!

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