Monday, March 28, 2016


Brother Kigin and Sarah selfies.. He is our ward mission leader!
 Pictures with Cheri before she leaves! So sad she is gone! Elders Cahoon and Schofield, Brother Kigin, Cheri, Sister Nelson, and I :)
 Beautiful sunset!
Departing missionaries next week, So many of my comps leaving!!
Loudly crying face 
This week we have been super busy! I love those weeks, I am definitely the most happy in life when I am helping others and keeping busy! There are 2 times of the year that hearts are softened most, Christmas and Easter. I am grateful for the #Hallelujah initiative, we have had so many opportunities to share that, seriously the best time of year to be a missionary! With the Bourquin family we invited them to share the video, right after we are done one of their daughters asked if we would go over to their neighbors house to share it with them, she said "I can do the talking!". One of our neighbors, Chuck, was outside when we were getting our mail, so we helped him with groceries, we shared a pass along card, he opened up to us about his love for Christ! We met Sue while getting our oil changed, we shared the #Hallelujah video with her, and gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet! We were able to talk to her for another half hour while waiting for our cars! I definitely encourage you to watch it if you haven't already :)

This week Cheri was packing up most of her house and moving back out to Idaho so we were able to help a lot with that! We are going to miss her so much! We went over just about every day this week to help out, boy were were tired and busy! Our investigators James and Nicole were living there with her, so they have now moved out of our area :( Nicole was having a rough day when we had gone over and we were able to give her comfort, and the Elders were able to give her a blessing. By the end of the night she was saying that she wants to get baptized and get to the temple! 

This week with Olivia we talked about Following the prophet. She has a lot of questions, we talked about how she can receive her own personal revelation. We invited her to read and pray about the BOM to know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet. We also invited her to write down ALL of her questions so that we could help her study them out. I know that as we all come to know that the Book of Mormon is true, we can know that everything else is true, that we have a Savior, that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and we can gain much knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

With Bryan we taught him the 10 commandments. We also helped him download the gospel library app. We committed him to read from the BOM daily, we have been texting to remind him, and he has been listening to it! 

Vikram was a media referral for a Book Of Mormon! The comment on the referral was "Wants a Book of Mormon ASAP!" We called and set up a time to go and He seemed so excited! Let you know how that goes next week!

Monday was pi day, we got 3 different kinds of pie! SO funny story, while driving back from district meeting on Wednesday Sister Nelson really had to go to the bathroom. She of course was the one driving and was really distracted. She also wanted to turn up the AC, then there was a stop sign. Then the TIWI told her "Aggressive driving". Hahaha. Note to self, don't drive when you really gotta go! Friday we hanged our clothes a good 5 times going back and forth between service and teaching, that day was crazy!

Well that was my week! Hope you all had a great week! Don't forget to keep yourself busy, you may be exhausted, but it's all worth it not wasting a moment of our short time here on earth! Also, always remember to turn to God and follow his will! "When the Lord commands, do it." -Joseph Smith

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