Monday, March 28, 2016


Face2face read 3Nephi 11 with Sister Wadsworth and Sister Jex in Butler!
 My baby and I :)
 P day in Cranberry last week :)
 $1 Taco Monday's with the Lubins :)

 Sister Nelson decided to put these stickers on my legs while I was writing in my journal.. Haha
I just had to FaceTime all my comps that are going home This week Loudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying face (forgot to get a picture with Sis Landa) so crazy!!!
 Sis Jarvis
 Mama Tbot (Sister Talbot) THIS IS JUST SO WEIRD!
HAPPY EASTER! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, I know mine was great as I was able to focus on our Savior Jesus Christ and share my testimony of Him and all that he means to me!
Well another transfer has come and gone (and this one was a week longer!), so now we begin another transfer! I have 2 transfers left (12 weeks) which is CRAZY, but I've pretty much decided I just want to be a missionary forever :) seriously! What is better than helping people learn about Jesus Christ and his gospel everyday?!
So we have a few investigators that we are working with that have a lot of potential, Olivia, Bryan, and Vikram! Olivia: we had a lesson with her this week on Thursday (she says she's a creature of habit, so we meet every Thursday at 2:) ). This week we share a message about the Atonement with it being Easter week :) We also invited her to come to the General Woman's meeting with us, and she said YES!! She also told us that she has usually been studying with her husband which is AWESOME!! So Saturday we went to the General Woman's meeting and she was there! It was so great, and she was getting along so well with the other sisters, and the conference was amazing! Just gave me a new motivation to help the people around me and serve, and love! I'm definitely working on developing more Charity!
Bryan: This week we taught him about Following the prophet to get him ready for General conference! We invited him to watch with us next week. The next day he texted us and told us that he had read a general conference talk from last conference!
Vikram: Last week I told you about how we received a media referral and set up a time for Saturday, well we were finally able to drop that Book of Mormon off! He is so kind, he invited us right in, and we sat down and we were able to teach him the Restoration! He looked so happy the whole time we were teaching, and at the end we asked him "If you came to know that this was true, would you be baptized by someone holding this priesthood Authority (after teaching about how Joseph Smith received the priesthood)?". With no hesitation he said "Yeah I would!" Ahhhh! So awesome! He looked so excited to start reading the Book of Mormon to find out for himself if this is true!
We also got to do more service this week! The last 2 weeks we have been able to do lots of service! This week we got to Deep clean, more moving, and Goodwill (which is every Friday). We have been super tired, poor sister Nelson fell asleep in the middle of training haha. After helping someone move for a few hours on Wednesday they wanted to feed us, so they made lasagna. I love lasagna, but they gave us SOO much! So I could only eat like 1/4 of this massive piece of lasagna and then convinced the elders to finish it off. So they are just about done, and we could see that they were struggling to finish it all, and the lady says "Oh, save some room for cake!!!" Hahahaha And this is why we gain some weight as missionaries sometimes :)
Yesterday for Sunday School us and the Elders got to teach. We showed 4 of the Church's short Easter videos and bore our testimonies of Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong! I am just grateful for Jesus Christ, our Savior, and for the knowledge that I have that this is not the end, there is no such thing as "The End" Because of Him. We can have so much peace and hope because HE LIVES!!! I love my Savior :)
Hey! Don't forget to watch General Conference this weekend!!! I love hearing from the prophets and apostles, their words are so inspiring and I know that if you watch with an open heart and mind, your questions will be answered! :) Have a great week!!

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