Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My week :)‏

Last Pday we were playing would you rather, Elder Hoyt ended up standing in this pose for 2 minutes so of course we had to take pictures
 Sister McDonald and I on Seldom Seen Rd. On exchanges :) she is so great!
 Sister Nelson and I wish our Sheetz frozen Hot Chocolate after giving out a BOM
 They call speed bumps speed humps here.
 Weekly planning :)
 I convinced Sister Nelson to put crazyglue on her fingers :)
Another great week, can't believe it's already Monday again!

Tuesday we went on exchanges! I always love exchanges, having the opportunity for 24 hours to get to know another Sister and learn from her ways of doing missionary work. I stayed in Wexford this time with Sister McDonald, and Sister Nelson went on her very first exchange to Pitt 3 with Sister Roberts! Sister McDonald is such an awesome sister, a great example, so funny, easy to get along with, but also an amazing missionary, so good at loving everyone! It was a great exchange! 

We have been able to see James and Nicole a few times this week! I seriously just love feeling of their spirits and seeing their excitement to dedicate their lives to the Lord. Sadly they are moving up to Cranberry though, so we are gunna have to pass them over:(.

Thursday we saw our investigator Olivia. She is the sweetest lady ever! She invited us to have dinner with them next week! She has a lot of really good questions, and I am learning SO much from studying to help answer her questions.

On Saturday it was Sister Nelson's one-month mark of being a missionary! Hooray! So to celebrate we decided to go and get some frozen hot chocolate from Sheetz (an awesome gas station). With the 3-a-day challenge we hadn't given out a Book of Mormon yet that day so we decided that we would give one out at Sheetz. I didn't have a Book of Mormon in my bag so I told Sister Nelson that she got to give this one out. As she looked around the gas station she decided Who she wanted to give it to. We awkwardly stood there for about 10 minutes waiting for this lady to get done with her order, when she was done Sister Nelson went up to give her the book and she said no. So we decided to keep trying until we gave one out. We walked around the gas station for at least another 10 minutes and the book of Mormon was not given away, So We were going back out to the car and Sister Nelson was going to give it away out there, so as she was backing me I sat in the car for a couple of minutes allowing her time to go and give it to the lady at a gas pump, sadly that lady also said no. BUT I saw the guy from the car next to us coming back out to his car so I invited her to go and give it to him, she did and he took it! I learned a few great this from this experience, 1, I've got an awesome daughter, so willing to try even when it is scary!, 2. Sometimes we just have to jump out of our comfort zones, this has been something I have had to do many many many times over the course of my mission and though rejection is still hard, it has become much easier to talk to people, and share the gospel! 3. Persistence, we could have given up after the first one, but that man and his family could be eternally blesses because of that persistence! 
I gave a talk on Sunday on the Gifts of the Spirit. Gifts given by the spirit to help us and to help us help others. Probably one of the shorter talks I have given, but I was the "youth speaker" so it only had to be 5 minutes :) I will share the last little bit of my talk: Moroni 10:18 says "And I would exhort you, my beloved brethren, that ye remember that every good gift cometh of Christ." I know that through Christ all things are possible. I know that he lives and loves us. I know that through the power of the Holy Ghost we can receive gifts of the spirit.

Thank you all for your prayers, love and support! I love you, but more importantly our Heavenly Father loves you!!!

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