Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This week!

Drive home from MLC (Mission Leadership Council)

Fall is HERE!!!

MLC Selfie

Lunch Time!
Members of the MLC:  Front:  Elders Hyer, Bryant, Bell, Wadsworth, Schofield and Scott
Center:  Sister Johnson, Elder May (purple tie), Sisters: Johnson, Landa,Roberts, Oliver, Crockett, Busath, Sibley, Robinson, Sears and Smith
Back:  Pres. Johnson,Elders: O'Keefe, Loretto, Millis, Cuthbert, Baker, Ord, Gates, Redford, Redd, Mills, Saylor, Gray and Camp
 Pretty sunset
 Sis Landa, bro Conger, Nikki, me

Nikki loved the activity and she's not a member! :)

Stripes on stripes on stripes...You could say I really like stripes.

 Exchanges with Sister Zaugg, she is home now though!

 Our district, VanLeewen, Mills, Wood, May, Landa, me

 We played tennis for Pday with our district!
One thing that is harder about this area is that there are so many people who will listen as you talk about Jesus Christ, but it doesn't seem like too many people are ready to act! 
So last week Sister Landa and I had decided that we needed to organize our teaching pool, figuring out who is prepared and who is not, so we did just that on Thursday during weekly planning. We made a list of some people to try in each area, and we are putting our trust in the Lord that everything will work out!
So on that note, we were walking around Columbia on Saturday and we saw a guy waving down on of his friends in a car and Sister Landa says, "I wish people would wave us down to teach them the gospel", not even joking like a minute later a guy was calling for us from across the street to come and teach his friend! We went over, and the friend didn't seem too interested, but we were able to teach Robert (the guy who waved us over) the whole Restoration! Sadly, right after that we went to try one of our investigators, who write us a note saying "I don't need you to teach me no more, have a good day" so that was sad, but I know when the time is right he will accept the gospel!!! 
On Friday we had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) all of the zone leaders and Sister training leaders meet with our mission president. We met in Altoona! Usually it is held in Pittsburgh, but Altoona is a central location, but we ended up having to drive there AND back that day! Needless to say I was done sitting after that. We had to go pick up the York Zone leaders, Elders May and Mills, and the Harrisburg ZL's, Elders Bell and Sailor. Not sure if I ever told you, but at Zone conference we got these devices in our cards called TIWIs, they monitor you speed, sharp turns, fast breaks, accelerations, and all that fun stuff. We didn't want to drive, so we made the Elders drive, and that TIWI probably said "check your speed" more than 20 times. There was also a lot of traffic on the way back so we didn't end up getting back until 10:45... We are supposed to go to bed at 10:30. But the meeting was super good! We were able to discuss the needs of the mission, and we had a great training on how people will get Anti and apposition, it was totally prophesied, but we can help them focus on the Savior, which is the MOST important thing!!
So Sunday we got a call from the husband of someone wHo had met, but he sadly told us they were not interested. Later on in the day though we were walking around Marietta and we met a guy name John! He has such a great faith in Christ, and was excited to read the Book of Mormon! We also had Stake conference and one of the big themes was keeping the Sabbath day Holy, IT'S SO IMPORTANT!!! What sign do we want to show the Lord on the sabbath day! 
Love you, and thank you so much for all of your prayers

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