Monday, October 19, 2015

 Sister Blackwell and I :)

 #1ancaster zone :)

Alright, so this week we had the opportunity to go on exchanges with the Columbia Walk Sisters (they are in a walk area, actually in Lancaster, but they are in the Columbia Spanish Branch) I got to stay in Etown with Hermana Blackwell. It's a small world after all! We totally went to the same High School and knew a lot of the same people, but had never actually talked before the mission, so it was super weird to be able to talk about things back home with someone who actually knew the people and places I was talking about! But it was  great exchange, Hermana Blackwell and I have a lot in common, but she is just an amazing missionary. We both came out at the same time as well! We got to do some service, got to scrub a burnt pan for about an hour, and we got to visit Deb (recent convert) in the hospital after a surgery. So something we found out this week is that we get to go on exchanges now with the Sunbury sisters, which is where my trainer is! It should be a super cool experience to be able to see how much we have both changed over the past 7 months! We got a call from a Less active member, Sister Yordy. I love her SO MUCH! So when the Elders were in this area they were teaching her, but she didn't really like them too much, but one of them told us to go see her, so we did (like a month ago)! She was just super ready to come back when we went over, she said she would come to church if we found her a ride, so we did and she came! So we also gave her some pamphlets and the other day she left us a message saying "Your second book is absolutely beautiful (the Plan of Salvation pamphlet) PROFOUND. I Am telling you! About the 3 heavens, the 3 places that you live, well I wanna live in the top place if I can make it, the Celestial one" Smiling face with open mouth We also have Zone Training this week! We learned about Opposition and Anti, and Sister Landa and I got to train on using There is seriously SO much going on in the world, especially online, so what better place to find information than or We all got to share 3 minute talks on our favorite conference talks, so powerful hearing the testimonies of so many missionaries! After we did a zone activity to build the unity in our zone with volleyball and chair soccer! I have grown more of a love for sports while on my mission, so much fun! Friday we walked ALL DAY! We probably almost walked every street of Columbia.. The Lord places people in our path every day, we just have to talk to them and help them to come closer to Christ! Saturday... #servicesaturday we helped someone move, someone else paint, #servicesoftenshearts Sunday we went to Sister Aipas house for a ride to church, to help her get there, and we made it there early! PLUS she brought a friend! It was so great to partake of the Sacrament, after General and stake conference, it really helped to to appreciate more the ordinance of the sacrament. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and his willingness to perform the Atonement for EVERY ONE OF US! None of us are excluded from that!!!

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