Thursday, September 10, 2015

This week!

This week I hit my half way! I have been a missionary for 9 months! CRAZY how time can fly! I only have 9 short months left to be a full time missionary!
So we also have a tennis court this is right by our house, and for some reason I hadn't played at all, BUT the other day we asked some members if we could borrow some of their racquets, and a few days later he had them in his car for us! So every morning at 6:30am we are out there playing tennis for our exercise!
 Funny story, so the other day we were walking by a little park, and there was a little girl who started yelling to her dad "look Princesses!" SO cute! I guess the skirts mae us princesses, made my day!
Another funny story, so Sister Landa was waiting for a package to come, and her mom had emailed her telling her it would be delivered yesterday so we were sitting in our apt, and I was joking around and said, "oh hey is that the FedEx truck?" after Sister Landa called me dumb, no kidding like ten seconds after I had said that, someone knocked on our door! It was our neighbor giving us the package telling us the delivery guy had dropped it off! I'm pretty psychic! Hahaha. 
Alright, so now for missionary moments,
We went on an exchange this week with the Columbia walk sisters, I was in Etwon with Sister Canseco, we went to Jens house, and she is a recent convert, and we set a date to go to the temple with her for  the 17th of October!
This week we also had a AWESOME lesson with Don. Sister Jarvis and I had picked him up as an investigator last transfer, but he didn't seem to be progressing much, not keeping commitments. But this week we went over and had a lesson and the spirit was so strong! Towards the end of the lesson he asked us what he could do, expressing that he thought we were a sign from God, but didn't necessarily went to change his faith. And we told him "we aren't asking you to change your faith, we are just asking you to BUILD on the faith that you already have" and it kinda just clicked! He then started asking when and where church was and said he would pray and read the Book of Mormon with an open mind to know if it is true! It is so amazing how the spirit can direct our words if we allow him to. 
I know that for my own strength I wouldn't be able to convert anyone to the gospel, and neither could the other 85,000+ missionaries, but the spirit can, the spirit is what touches our hearts and will testify to us of the truth. I know this because the spirit has testified to me of the many truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I know Christ is my Savior and anything is possible through him!

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