Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Last Weekly! 6-20-16

Taco night with the Lubins



Don't know if I mentioned this last week, but the Pittsburgh Penguins
won the Stranley cup! That's exciting!#PittsburghPride

The fireflies are out!!! Ah I love them SO much!!! They are beautiful!
Sister Nelson and I even went out to catch them, yet another thing I
will miss about PA.

When we were at zone conference I was talking to Sister Johnson
(mission presidents wife) she said by the time missionaries get to the
mission home at the end they are exhausted, well I am definitely
feeling that this week! I'm so exhausted, but at the end of the day it
feels great, knowing I have worked hard.

We had a Relief society activity this week. I love these ladies! It
was super fun, we did a fried shipping activity.

We did a TON of Family history on Tuesday. We did our 2 hours, and
then we went and helped Les get started with his. He was a bit
hesitant at first, but once we got started he really seemed to be
getting into it! That's the Spirit of Elijah for ya!
Later that day we went to our neighbor Lynn's house, she asked what we
had done that day so we told her about all the family history we had
been doing, then she said she wanted help doing her own!
We have been able to go and help Lynn out a lot this week. Sweetest
lady EVER! We have been putting eye drops in her cats eyes for her, we
made her dinner, walked the dog, cleaned a litter box,  love her!

There were some tender moments this week! So I went to say goodbye to
Les, it was sweet, he said I was one of his favorites, but then as we
were walking out he said to his wife "I'm sad.." I almost burst into

So Olivia finished the Book of Mormon! She also threw a goodbye
fiesta! It was great! At the end she asked if she could sing a song
for me before I leave. She said she though of her favorite attribute
of God- Faithful. So she sang about that! It was amazing, and I was in
tears by the end! I love her!

This may sound a bit prideful, but sometimes it is so nice to feel
appreciated! I never really realized how much the people here in
Wexford really do care and love me and appreciate the love that I have
for them! Many tears have been shed! I am so grateful for modern
technology and the fact that I can keep in contact with these people,
I just want to be able to put mission life, and home life together and
have everyone I love in the same place! I love my family and friends
back home, but the people of Pennsylvania have become family and
friends here!

Well, I guess this is he end, I love you all! Thank you for your love
and support! See you soon!!!

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