Sunday, June 5, 2016


 Our Mission Song
After a year and a half of wearing every day, it broke, it's all good though, I super glued it together so it can last this last month!
 Dinner with Olivia and her family :)
 Woke up to this on my desk :)
 We went to a 3 year old little girls birthday party from our ward, her dad had all his family there, so it was a great missionary opportunity!
 Love this quote, heard it in the MTC, I know that I have certainly learned more about the Atonement while on my mission!
Alright, so I'll just jump right into the people we saw!
We got to see Olivia 3 times this week! She took us out for lunch, we had dinner at her house with the Elders there as well (it was funny how excited she got to meet "the trio"), and our regular Thursday lesson. Her husband even showed some interest and apparently was talking about the visit for 2 hours after we left!
It was a strange week, we had a lot of set appointments for mornings so we didn't get to have companionship study as much as usual, but it felt good to get out and going with our day so early and keep it going through the day! 
Again this week we were able to see quite a few less active members that we haven't seen in a while! We were able to see Brother Ferrari, he is such a sweet guy, and we are going to get to go do service for him cleaning out his garage! He is so sweet though, as we were walking away he gave us an "I love you" sign and seemed excited for us to come back to do service (don't worry, he is like our grandpa!)
We also saw Sister Curtis, man that lady has a lot she is going through, with basically running a nursing home and a psych ward in her own home. She is so strong and has been through so much. But she also is super interested in Family History, so we focused on that! She has so many cool stories!
Then we saw Sister Watt, hahah it's awesome, she just KNOWS we are going to ask her about her reading and jump right into telling us how that was going.
We got to do a lot of Service! We did service for the Kigins, Fentons, Goodwill, or neighbor Lynn, etc... Love just feeling totally exhausted after a day of hard work.
THis week it has been super hot and humid, it's terrible, I'm grateful for AC :)
Terrifying thinking of going home, I don't know how to not be a missionary, It seems almost like that make it or break it moment, you either take the things you learned and continue to progress, or go back to old ways. I know that the Atonement can work for all of us, and we can all continue to learn and grow, I look forward to applying these things!
MyPlan, I made plans for how to "continue discipleship". I got all signed up for institute when I get home, made plans for study, prayer and church. Made plans to regularly go to the temple, and let me tell you, it is such a blessing that I have never really taken advantage of, having so many temples in Utah so close!
During the Sacrament I was reading hymns to stay more focused on Christ, it was great, I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and the knowledge that I have that he died for me!
Hope you all have a wonderful week! This is a shorter weekly, sorry, but hey I can just talk to you all and tell you the stories in person soon :)

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