Thursday, May 19, 2016


Got a couple pictures with people in case I get transferred.
RJ and his dog Cuddles :)
 Brother Stedeford
 I gave Sister Nelson a makeover this week :)
 That's my daughter!
 Elders, Brother Kraus, Davey, Brother Lubin and us out for dinner :)
 Skyping the family :)
17 months, man I thought that sounded like a really long time, especially 1,2,3 months out.. How wrong that was! Time has gone by in the blink of an eye! This week I hit 17 months!
Vikram: On Monday evening we were able to meet with him and Brother Kraus was the team up! We went over the baptismal interview questions. When we were over there it all started out really great... Then the lesson took a bit of a turn, he decided to ask some pretty tough questions, and totally changed his attitude, so him and brother Kraus were conversing about the questions and Sister Nelson and I would chime in every once in a while, but we were kinda stressing out.. And then at the end he said "just kidding, I'm just really excited for  this whole process!".
Then on Friday we met with him again, he wanted to know more about the 
Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, so we taught him a bit more about those and it was going pretty good, then we gave him a tithing pamphlet to read for the next lesson, he started flipping through and did not agree with tithing and wouldn't let us tell him more about it and the blessings, and he decided he didn't want to meet with us anymore.. It was a bummer! Well then on Sunday we got a call from a random number that we missed, so they texted asking if we could meet tomorrow, we asked who it was and got a very colorful response so we let it go. Then later we got a call from the same number, we answered and it was Vikram telling us he had a gift for us but was just being really weird.. Needless to say we will not be getting those gifts, nor will we be meeting with him anymore.. So sad to see the adversary working in so many hearts, but it is also so sweet and wonderful to see the Lord work in so many others!
So usually whenever we go to the library to do family history we go into the bookstore to get a little snack and the SWEETEST lady is always there! She calls us "the kids" and was bragging to another lady that works there of how we are from and organization and how she loves us. She always gives us a great deal on the snacks. I just love people like her! I am grateful that we can all love one another as Christ loves, PURE love, and this lady definitely emulates that!
ThIs week a scripture that I loved is Luke 1:37 For with God, nothing shall be impossible. SO TRUE!
So we found out about transfers this week aaaaand.... I'm dying in Wexford! Sister Nelson and I are staying together for another transfer, so I will be ending my mission here! Crazy that I only have 6 weeks left!
A bitter sweet moment this week, we got a new Relief Society presidency and a new ward mission leader. I am grateful for the time we have had to serve with Brother Kigin as our ward mission leader, and I also look forward to serving wig Brother Stewart as our new ward mission leader!
Hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day! Mine was wonderful, I am so grateful for my mother! She is the most AMAZING example! It was great getting to Skype home, I love my family!
Love you all, have a wonderful week, and just remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you!!!

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