Thursday, May 5, 2016


 Sister Wayman and Huffaker :)
 We went running in the rain :)

 Heart attacking :)

 Text from Sister Johnson (our mission presidents wife) after talking about Vikram, #beginwithendinmind! It was for sure all him though, so prepared!
  This place has great little donuts :)
 Feet after planting trees, this is just what got into my socks..

Lots of missionaries after church with the Pitt 4 elders investigator, Heather :)

This has been such a great week! Ah So many tender mercies!
So we will start out with the not as great part... We have been under
attack... We have had a Spider invasion!! We have found way to many spiders around our apartment. I was totally fine with the short/no winter thing until I realized I would have to deal with more bugs and spiders! So just in this past week, I decided to be kind and was Saving a spider by catching it and putting it outside, well that was a fail... They spider jumped to the ground, ran away, never to be seen again.. Until we came in from running one morning and a spider jumping on Sister Nelsons head! So us and these spiders, we've gotten real close, we like to think we have trained them, cause one of them was on the ceiling right above my desk and I was not ok with that so I was cheering it on, telling it to move, and it did! So we decided to name the spider Freddy, well we lured it just enough for it to be low enough and we smashed it :) dumb spiders.. Why are there SO MANY?!
We had a dinner appointment and the member decided it would be fun to role play the whole time with really deep doctrine tough questions. It was definitely a very humbling experience as I know that I do not know everything (obviously) but I got so stuck on some of here questions! I swear I was getting the toughest ones! It definitely helped me to gain an appreciation of the basics even more, they are so important in being able to gain a sure foundation!
This week we went Heart attacking! It was so fun anonymously showing people our love! Some people found out it was us, and it was so sweet seeing the reactions, show people your love everyone!
Bryan said he would be baptized! We have been inviting him to pray about it, and he usually says he will keep praying, but this week we talked to him about the Atonement, and about Baptism, he said that he has the desire to follow Christ and wants to be baptized!
Olivia is still searching for an answer. This week we read Joseph Smith History with her, hoping to answer a few of the questions that she has, at the end she said that she knows she needs to make the decision. She said we all have to decide whether or not Jesus Christ is real, and we all need to decide whether or not Joseph Smith really was a prophet! She has also been reading from the Book of Mormon and is already in Alma 42!!!
We went to ARP this week and the lady leading out the discussion shared a cool story from the Book of Mormon! She shared that even Moroni had hard times in Ether 12 we can see hat he was stuffing with feelings of inadequacy, but then in Moroni 10, the last chapter of the Book of Mormon, we can see that Grace has given him the strength to do all that he was commanded to do! His grace is sufficient!
In Ambridge (the elders area) they had a city clean up day, and we got to plant trees! I love getting out and working together with people from all different backgrounds, all come together to work hard! It was pretty fun too, don't think I had ever planted any trees before!
Alright so the biggest highlight this week was Vikram! So he is the one that got baptized into another faith a few weeks ago, but has still been meeting with us. This week we felt inspired to teach him about temples, as we were teaching he LOVED everything about temples! Then he asked how he could go to the temple and we told him that he would need to prepare to do so, including being baptized. Then he asked about his other baptism, and we explained to him that he would need to be rebaptized by someone holding the priesthood authority, enthusiastically he asked when he could get baptized!! So we set him with a date for May 14!! So excited for him!!! Then on Sunday we were waiting for him to come to church.. The meeting was starting and he hadn't come yet, so we texted him telling him that we saved a seat for him, he texted back saying "ok, could you also save a seat for my mom? Be there in 2 minutes"!!!! Sweet! So he also brought his mom to church with him!! So cool!
We find out about transfers this Saturday, I'm hoping I get to stay, but we shall see! Let you all know next week! I look forward to Skyping the Family this Sunday!!!


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