Sunday, May 22, 2016


Our cool matching shirts

 District pics before transfers

 Elders fitting in the back seat of the car.
 Dinner with the Jenkins :)
 Hahaha so Ty is the funniest kids, he kept looking over at the the whole evening and copying everything that I would do :) then as we walked back to our car he only said "Bye Sister Oliver!"
(He's the kid in red :) )
Me in Bishops jag... No big deal...

Well.. Another one bites the dust, now I only have 2 companions on the mission, Sister Smith went home this past week. It's crazy to think that the group that I came out with is now the oldest sisters in the mission!
It's so weird to think that transfers happen when we aren't directly affected but I'm excited to be here in Wexford still! We are just continuing on with the work here, but so many changes are made! Our whole district basically changed, so the elders in our ward got another one so now they are in a trio (real funny to try to see the 3 of them try to squish into the back seat of our Toyota Corolla), and then they basically doubled in both sets of missionaries in the Cranberry ward (one of the sisters was there for a week before the transfer).
So this week I got to start MyPlan, which is a program for missionaries in their last transfer, doing a different hour long course/activity every week. This whole real life thing is getting way more real, and I'm not sure I'm ready for it, but it's coming! But I didn't really know what "trunky" really meant until now. So many people asking me what my plan is for my life, which people ask all missionaries anyways, but the question comes along more frequently when you hit the last transfer. What the heck, I only have 5 1/2 weeks! One of the ladies in our ward who served a mission and I were having this trunky talk and she was telling me all about the last transfer of her mission and going home struggles, oh boy. Why can't I just be a missionary forever?! Haha 
Our New ward mission leader is great, and so willing to work with us, which is a great blessing since the last one was also so great! So one of the elders had a thought to change the mindset of member missionary work, the goal is to help the members with their missionary work, we go out with them, rather than them only coming out with us, which is definitely the way it should be, we are here for the members! I'm excited to see the results!
We found So many bugs while weeding, Pennsylvania has way more bugs than Utah and they are weird! We saw spiders, worms, Grubbs, slugs, and many many more random kinds of bugs.
We had a lesson with a Less active member named Les. It was so sweet, he got emotional while watching a music video for "I'm trying to Be Like Jesus" and he just bore his testimony of the power that video brought, it was so great!
Olivia is definitely chugging along with her Book Of Mormon reading, she was in 3 Nephi 15, probably done by now!
Service softened the heart everyone! So one of our neighbors wasn't a huge fan of us for a bit, she is very religious and didn't really like that we wanted to share the gospel with her. One day we were walking on past her house and we asked if there was anything that we could do to help her and she was needing to go through some things in her attic so we were able to help! By the end of that we were all having a great time together and then she brought us out to eat this week!
There is a New family in our ward that we were able to help move in this week and there was a great turn out at the move! The whole bishopric, the Elders quorum president, ward mission leader, all 5 missionaries in the ward, and a few more! It was also So organized! We Got it all unloaded in 45 minutes!
I finished the Book Of Mormon yesterday! I know that the Book of Mormon is true, As I read it over and over again my knowledge of that truthfulness continues to grow! I am Now starting again looking for how it testifies of Christ by marking when it mentions his name, his attributes, words of Christ, and his doctrine! Even just starting today Reading even the first chapter, I have been able to find so much!!! I love the Book of Mormon! 
Love you all! Have a wonderful week!

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