Saturday, February 13, 2016

My Week!

The Cranberry District

We made some Red Velvet cake for sister Maya on her 2 year mark :)
2 candles for 2 years! We had to light them on the stove though cause we had no matches...
Wow, this week has been full of events. We started out the week with sister Maya's two year anniversary of being a member of the church last P-day. Then it was groundhogs day, which fun fact of the day the groundhog is in my mission(he also didn't see his shadow, so spring! The weather has actually been GREAT! Like we have barely had a winter at all!)! The next day I hit my 14 month mark being a missionary, boy does time fly! Then the rest of the week was just a bunch of nerves waiting to hear about transfers. I got a call Saturday morning from my mission president telling me that I am going to be training! I am super excited but super nervous!! This is Sister Maya's first area so she is really sad to be leaving, but she gets to go to "the sweetest place on earth" (Hershey, PA) and be in a trio there. I have loved being companions with Sister Maya, I have learned a lot during our time together! Transfers are tomorrow so I will let you know next week who my new companion is!
This week we decided to make some cookies for our neighbors, most of them know who we are, but we have a new neighbor who we dropped the cookies off and he wanted to know what we do so we were able to talk with him about what we believe and give him a Book of Mormon!
One thing that I have learned this week is that attitude is a choice. We went to a dinner appointment the other day and everyone was just not in a great mood there, and it just made me so sad! I realized that yeah, sometimes things will be tough in life, but I hate being angry or annoyed or frustrated, and it's my choice when I am! I know that I like to be around people the most when they are happy! It's much better to just be happy in every situation! So that's definitely one of my goals, CHOOSE to be happy!
Speaking of being happy, I can honestly say that I am the most happy when I am focusing on others! This week we went to see our investigators James and Nicole, they were really struggling, so rather than going on with the planned lesson of the Law of Chastity (no I wasn't just trying to avoid teaching that lesson), after saying a kneeling prayer together, we read from the Book of Mormon and the spirit was able to fill the room and there was so much more peace! I am grateful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost to help us to discern the needs of these people! They were also able to receive blessings from the Elders so it all ended well, much happier :)
So we also able to have a lesson with our new investigator, Olivia! Oh My gosh! It was so great! So last time we left her with a Restoration pamphlet and invited her to review it. WELL, there are some questions in the back of that pamphlet and she had gone through all of those, marking and color coding with sticky notes the attached scriptures! She also had some great questions, which we had an awesome team up, Sister Lubin, who was a great member present to answer some of these questions with us! She also said she wants to come to church with us! We can really see her desire to learn truth, and it's awesome!
We also had a few more lessons this week with some less active members, and visited quite a few people from the ward for sister Maya to say goodbye.  Change is HARD, but I am grateful for the growth and the opportunities to learn from those changes. I am especially grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ which allows me to have peace and comfort and move forward with Faith!

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