Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly update!

Sister Huffaker and I (she is in my district) last Pday :)
 Yup, these are the Elders...
 Sister Maya and I
 Sister Roberts and I on exchanges :) SNOW is here!

 Pitt North zone :)
Cranberry district! 

This week was pretty great! Not to many super exciting things happened, and I was actually sick (yes again) for a few days, but to be honest, the last 2 weeks were kinda rough, so I'm grateful for just a good week :) So last Monday as we were at the store to get groceries there was a member from our ward there at the store who happens to see us as we were checking out and came and bought our groceries for us! So nice! We also went on exchanges this week! I love exchanges! I stayed here in Wexford with Sister Roberts, and Sister Maya and Sister Johnson went to Pittsburgh 3rd. So the one day we are on exchanges there is like a blizzard! Our car is terrible in snow I have discovered. I got stuck 3 times! There are a ton of hills, and they don't plow the roads very well. I'm just grateful my companion from Arizona, who has never experienced snow, wasn't driving. We have an investigator named Melanie who I hadn't actually been able to teach at all in the 9 weeks that I have been in this area, BUT we had a very cold 10 minute lesson with her this week on her porch! We also had zone training this week on planning! I've always loved planning, because I have seen the different between a week were we plan really well, and a week that we have not, quite a difference! But it was great to gain that motivation again to make sure that we are planning well, not only during our weekly planning on Friday, but going through those same steps every day during nightly planning! We also had a zone activity where we were able to bear our testimonies, and I am just so grateful to have a knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! So the Elders were teaching this couple, James and Nicole, and then they moved to our area, so now we are teaching them! They are so great and so prepared! We try to see them as often as we can, and it has been great to see their progress just over this little while we have been teaching them! Nicole, the whole time we have been teaching has known that she wants to get baptized and that this is true. But this week in the middle of our lesson, James said "Well I have been praying about this whole thing, and everything you have been teaching, and the whole thing with Joseph Smith, and I got my answer, it's true!" AHHH! So great! I'm just so excited for those 2! But besides that, some other exciting news, I have another nephew! His name is Jeffery and he is super adorable in the pictures that I have seen :) Hope you all have a wonderful week, don't forget to Pray and Ponder, seek and find! (We also had Ward conference this week and that was the theme!)

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