Monday, July 13, 2015

This week we had the opportunity to go on 2 exchanges, one with Lebanon, and the other with Ephrata. I was able to go to Lebanon with Sister Canseco, The area can be a little scary at times, but they seem to be doing fine, and they are keeping themselves safe. While there we played BINGO at a nursing home, love those people there! I was helping a lady who couldn't hear very well and everyone was kinda getting upset when she said "WHAT DID HE SAY?!" Every 2 seconds hahaha. It just got changed into a walk area. 
With the Ephrata sisters I stayed in E-town with Sister Zaugg. She is really positive about everything, she is a bit trunky because she only has one more transfer, but doesn't let that get in the way of the work, which is good! We had the relief society president come out with us, and we had a great lesson, testifying of the power of the Book of Mormon.
We also had zone training which was also really great! I am SO grateful for the Book of Mormon! The Elders did a great job with the training and getting us motivated for the #justreadit challenge. The #justreadit challenge is a 3-a-day challenge to 1. read a chapter of the Book Of Mormon daily 2. Either us, or have a member give out a Book Of Mormon daily, and 3. Have a less-active member or an investigator read a chapter of the Book Of Mormon! The Book of Mormon is SO important in conversion and knowing if what we teach everyday is true! I encourage you if you don't already, to read the Book of Mormon, even if it is just a verse, daily, and it can answer ANY question that we have! I love the Book of Mormon and it has made me happier than I have ever been before as I read it daily!
We also did a zone activity after which was so great! We were able to have some fun playing soccer, chair soccer, football, etc.., but also feel of each others spirits as we shared highlights from our missions.
We also have transfers coming up next week, I don't know what is going to happen at transfers, we will do what the Lord wants, but I do know if we both stayed that would totally be ok with me! But odds are, Sister Jarvis is probably getting transferred because she has been here almost 6 months, and I will get to take over the area. I guess we will see if we get a call on Saturday!

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