Tuesday, July 28, 2015


This week was awesome. I feel like every single week just continues to get better and I love being a missionary. Also..THE CHURCH IS TRUE! :)
So Monday evening we went to Lancaster to do exchanges with Hermana Bills and Hermana Davis. We decided to blitz (we are all in one area dividing and conquering) on Monday and Sister Jarvis and I were walking around and found some Spanish people, but we didn't have the Hermanas! So they went back the next day and picked them up as new investigators!
Tuesday, I was with Hermana Bills and their area is the entire stake, because they are in a Spanish branch, so we went out finding, and found a ton of potentials for them! The Lord definitely leads us to those people ho are prepared for the gospel.
Wednesday, we spent ALL day doing service, organizing and cleaning their garage, at the Fergusons! As Sister Jarvis always says "Service Softens Hearts" Whether it is our own, or the people we are serving, or both!
Thursday, we had district meeting, and funny enough, we talked about serving the members of the ward, so we were able to relate our service from the day before a lot. We also went to Columbia and one of the people we saw was Nicole. Her mom was baptized back in February, and she didn't seem interested at ALL, but while teaching Jen, Nicole started asking a lot of really good questions, and we were able to help her to realized the importance of gaining your own testimony of the Book of Mormon.
 *That is one of the biggest things, is reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, and attending church. Gaining our OWN testimony of whether or not it is truth.*
Friday, at our dinner a guy, who is a Jew that believes in Jesus Christ, came over and sat in on our spiritual thought, which we were teaching the Restoration, and he totally believes it is true! So cool.
Then Saturday, MORE SERVICE!!! :) Making a roof for pigeons, moving people. Then we had a stake Meet the Mormons movie night! LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! We hear some crazy ideas sometimes of what Mormons are, we are normal people I promise! It was also really cool to see Missionaries, members, and non-members all there TOGETHER enjoying a great evening!
Then Sunday, CHURCH! We also had a great lesson with our new investigator Scott, In the lesson we showed a short restoration video, and the spirit as SO strong! I KNOW that Joseph Smith as a true prophet, and through him the gospel of CHRIST was restored! I am SO grateful or a modern day prophet!! I am so grateful for the priesthood and the fullness of the gospel of the earth! CHURCH IS TRUE! :) 
Temple pix...There was a bug.

We see a ton of bunnies and I always tell sister Jarvis to catch
one... And she finally did! A little baby!
 AMISH! :)

Had to get rid of our area book after putting in all the records.. :)
Fergusons/Browns :)

  We also ran through some corn :)

 Exchanges with the Lancaster Hermanas :)

We were walking home and there was a fire
From Mission Blog:

July 2015 MLC

The Missionary Leadership Council discussed what makes a good leader.  Here are some of the things we came up with.

A good leader is someone who knows how to:
   -follow                           -desire success for those they lead           -accept responsibility
   -be humble                    -know and care about those they lead      -see the good in others
   -rely on the Lord             -have integrity        -inspire others to make changes for the better
left clockwise:   Elders May and Liston, Sisters Oliver, Jarvis, Palmer and Rosengren
        Elders Redd, Stevens, Wilson and Garduno 
Left:  Sisters Blackwell, Oliver, Jarvis, Jones, Ludwig, Talbot,and Elder Garduno
Sisters Ludwig, Talbot, Jones, Blackwell and Oliver

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