Monday, May 18, 2015

Temple and More Fishing

We are getting Ipads on Thursday!!!!! Wahoooo! So excited. The world is very media based and it can definitely be used for good!
This week we also had a ward BBQ of course it was a rainy day... and of course it started POURING!!! Haha it was super fun though, but we were soaked after!
We got to go to the temple! :) I feel like I was able to learn a LOT from this temple experience, and was really able to focus a lot on the spirit that I was feeling. We got to go will Maggie, who is going on a mission, it was SO awesome to see Maggie going through for her first time. She is going to be an amazing missionary, and as we have had the opportunity to both teach her, and see her teach I have seen her testimony and ability to share that, I am so excited to hear from her when she is out and all of the awesome experiences that she has. While there, bishop Orban (the bishop in the Wheeling ward) was talking to us about a few things that stuck out the him and one thing he talk about was letting the spirit direct what you are praying for. I have been working on recognizing that a lot the last few days, and it is really cool to see how aligning our will with the Lords makes following the Lord just who you are rather than something I have to constantly be thinking about becoming. He was also talking about Asking, seeking, and knocking. It says it over and over again in the scriptures, but It really hit me, we HAVE to do our part, we have to knock and he will answer as long as we follow the commandments. We also had the cool experience of getting to talk to a member of the temple presidency after and it was so cool to get even more incite from him on the temple and the priesthood.
Our ward has also been doing a 40 day fast, it is so cool to see how the efforts of the ward have a great impact on our work as missionaries. There is a less active woman, her name is Crystal, who we have been working with since I came out but had never come to church, but she has come the last 2 weeks! She also just seems to fit right in, participating, and making friends, and she hadn't really been to church since she was 16. That is just one of the MANY miracles we have seen from the ward fast. I am so grateful for the opportunity to see the tremendous blessing that the gospel has on me, and everyone around me.


Pictures from Maggies phone at the temple :)

Last Pday we got to go fishing! This is one of Elder Hoyts fishes, and him catching another one... he caught 3 before any of us caught any.

 And then I caught a fish! 

Same fish... It looked weird. 

Then I caught 2 more! (they looked pretty similar..) 

The other fish. Sister Smith didn't catch any, but it was a pretty successful day! 

 Then Elder May caught a fish.. 

Pretty sunset, and Sister smiths first time driving in this area.  

Columbus, OH. 

Someone gave us some garlic, and I was trying to see if I could grow it.. and it did! 

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