Monday, May 11, 2015

Adam fell but he got right back up

So bugs are disgusting. There are so many! I had to kill 2 spiders just this morning!  It has also been hot, 90s all week, and our AC is broken, the guy came to fix it today and said they would have to replace something so it wont get fixed for a few more days, and we cant open the windows because we don't have screens and bugs... Yeah well! My hair will probably be up all summer! Humidity is terrible, makes cold feel colder, and hot feel hotter.
This week we had the cool opportunity to witness a Less active member receive her answer that the Book of Mormon is true. We had gone over and taught her the restoration, and at the end we had asked if she had ever prayed about the Book of Mormon, she told us she hadn't, so we invited her to say the closing prayer and ask if it were true. It was a super sincere prayer and at the end of that she started to cry, the spirit was so strong and we helped her to see that she had received an answer, super cool. We also decided Friday to start praying for the people that we were going to see on Saturday to be home. Every single person that we went to see on Saturday was home, prayers are definitely answered. The Lord is watching out for us and helps us out every step of the way. I have also been praying this week to be able to recognize the spirit more, and it was so cool to see the people that we were teaching expressing to us that they had felt the spirit and it is just reaffirming that they truly are feeling the spirit while we teach. We also get to go to the temple on Friday! Super excited! :)


Tiara sent me some German Chocolate :) and this is also "apostate McDonalds" we once saw the Elders walking in on a Fast Sunday.. thus the name. 

Pretty sunset, and us trying to take selfies :) 

We were trying to visit someone in a hospital, but the GPS for some reason took us the wrong way and we ended up taking a trip down Memory Lane. 

 One more Memory lane, guy on a tractor, and we decided to make a "consequence chart" to improve. 

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