Monday, March 16, 2015

New Companion

Pictures from our trip to the mall a few Pdays ago :) We went with Maggie who was serving a mini mission with us.

 Pictures of me trying to walk through huge piles of snow, not the greatest idea I have ever had. 

last Pday we went to the Lawsons, sister Talbot and I going for a ride :) 

This is the Laweson's property!

Trying to take pictures while moving... not that easy.

 We made sushi (yup I made some and rolled it) and held their chickens.

 Sis Talbot and I with Sis Lawson, and the pot holes are terrible, even on the freeway, pretty scary to drive sometimes.

 Saying goodbye to Sister Talbot, and Hello the Sister Smith very bitter sweet day.

 I got the care package from the ward!
Also the elders had a baptism, Fernando is AWESOME!!! 

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