Sunday, August 8, 2010

whats been going on

Well as you can tell i have a new background that says "back to school" :/ yes ... from today there are only 16 more days until school starts :/ I have very mixed emotions about that one.

Well since my last post I did go on that trip up to Oregon. The trip didnt really go as planned but we got there and back and that is all that really matters.
I have also been babysitting alot more to.

Just this past weekend the youth in my ward did youth conference. what we did is the first day we had a barbeque then we went to an old folks home and played games, sang songs, read books, and just talked with them, we even got to bear our testimonies to this one man who asked us to! that was a BLAST and we are thinking of going back there again sometime soon. then we watched ice age 2 at the church. the next morning we went to vernel ut. and we did baptisms then we went and camped out about an hour from there and it is also about 15 min from flaiming gourge. We had lots of fun adventures there. Then next morning we got all packed up and went down to the river and rafted down! That was SOSOSO much fun! then we came home.
well now time for pictures!!!!(mostly of our trip down to oregon!)

ON THE ROAD AGAIN JUST CANT WAIT TO GET ON THE ROAD AGAIN! (this is the begining of our big adventure) Katie drove for the first little bit till i think it was Brigham city and then... I DROVE! :) yay! from there to snowville or whatever it is called but until the last exit in utah... sause i cant drive in other states yet. then mom drove.
Well then the transmission broke or something so the next two pictures where where we where stranded.

well there are ALOT more pictures but i will put them on another post :)



  1. Keep posting then copy and paste it into an e-journal. The stuff you don't want on your blog still put in the journal and save it for posterity or for yourself when you are older.
    I wrote my history and now do the journal thing on my computer. When I was writing my history I bawled and laughed and bawled and laughed.
    I am so glad I have it. I just wish I had started writing it when I was young so I could have even more memories.
    Have your mom etc write (e-mail perhaps) about you so you can get their perspective also.
    Fred Jepson

  2. ok and what do i go to too do this?