Sunday, May 2, 2010

ok so my life is just random ok

Well i will just hurry and explain to you how my life has been running lately.....

Eat. Sleep. School. Track. hang out with friends. Yup. that just about sums up my life.

yeah thats right that is just about all i do pretty pathetic huh. well I will try to make things not so.... how to put it.... BORING!

I know it isn't as good as some people are doing (Jess my sis-in-law who is going to run half marathon) but i am going to try to run a 5k with my friend this month on the 22 because then she wont have to run the mile and the pacer in the fitness gram. Natalie you are lucky i love you! haha anyways it will be good practice for my endurance (which sucks by the way) and it will get me ready for the other one that i am going to run i think june 12 yeah just in case you were wondering at track i am a sprinter and dont think i could ever do long distance.... well i guess that is all for now!

see ya!


  1. Running is 90% mental. Quit telling yourself you can't do it and just do it. When you feel like if you run any further you'll die-trust me-you won't. :)

  2. Haha, I agree with Katie! Even though you do mostly sprints during practice you do a lot of them which increases your endurance, so you probably have really great endurance even though you don't realize it... at the very least it is better than before you started track!

  3. Haha Thanks :) and i am DEFINATLY in alot better shape then i was before i started track haha