Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well this is pretty much just going to be a random post! I decided that I should probably post more because i only have 2 posts so far and i have had this thing for awhile.... well My blog heros as of this moment are Jess Oliver (not me just in case you were wonder its my sister in law) and Sam Stott! Thank you for having such great blogs and inspiring me to do better :) The two pictures are them :) Sam on left and Jess on right
The above picture is a picture of me and 2 of my BFF's :) Natalie and Jamie

I am pretty sure this is the most recent picture of me that i have on my computer :) It was taken awhile ago cause i havent put very many of my pictures from my new(ish) phone on the computer. Actually the one from the earlier post (with my curly hair) is more recent but you have already seen that one!
WEll I am going to go to my moms school tomorrow so i should probably go to bed....
Oh and just to let you know this week is spring break :) Pretty boring but yeah well at least i dont have to go to school :) i have been sick for the past 3ish days :(
well now i really am going to go to bed!


  1. That was quite a random post :) You should email me a picture of you, your mom, and Brian so Kyra can get to know your faces and know who you are next time we see you!