Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lots and lots and lots!

First of all we moved! Just across the lake but still...

Next up, I got my braces off!!!! :) I went to the Orthodontist at 9:50 and didn't get to leave till around 3.. They let us go at around 1 to eat lunch and I only had my bottom braces off...

But when I got back I got the top off as well :D

The next day I got to go to Trek! It was a great experience! The spirit there was so strong and it was a real testimony builder! 

I probably had the best trek family ever :) ^^^

 We stopped for lunch at little america on our way there^^^

This is a picture of our whole ward..

Sitting around eating :)

Fireside with the stake.

Square Dancing.

Us sistas walking

Women's pull! (My favorite part)

And last thing, but certainly not least, On Thursday (July 25th) I Finally got to go to the One Direction concert!!! :D

Jamie, Me and Natalie waiting outside for the concert! :)

Could you tell we were excited? ;) (Natalie's cousins also came)

Outside of the Maverik center :)

Walking through the building to our seats we saw their tour buses!!!

Us waiting in our seats, ready for the concert!

And there they are! My pictures quality wasn't to great but the concert was awesome!
During the last song confetti went everywhere so us being the people that we are decided to go and pick some up after the concert was over... and throw it (to get and epic picture), but then we put some in our bags to keep :) But the concert was great!!!

PHEW! Lots of stuff but I am finished now! (until I find something that I forgot) If you made it this far, thanks for reading/ looking at pictures!!! :)

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