Monday, October 1, 2012

Homecoming :)

So last Saturday was my schools homecoming.. :) Somehow I got asked by the student body president/ homecoming king... yeah he's pretty cool :) So for our day date (none of this was really planned my the way) We went to DI and got some... well awkward looking shirts. Then we went up somewhere in PG cannion because we were going to go hiking... we had a picnic, and then just ended up taking awkward pictures as you can see in the pictures below....

We are photo bombing this one...

my date was taking the picture...

So as you can tell... lots of awkward pictures.. ps my shirt was pretty awesome :) So after all of the picture taking we went back home and got all fancy and then we went and took pictures my the lake by my house :)

Then we went to PF Changs for dinner, then to the dance :) It was a very fun day :) Hope you enjoy the pictures ;)


  1. Is it bad that I actually kind of like your shirt from DI?

  2. haha I think it is pretty awesome :)