Saturday, September 24, 2011

50 book challenge!

So for my English class our teacher wants us to try to read 50 books by the end of the school year... oh but not just any books! We have to have a certain amount of each genre...
Non-Fiction (4)
Historical Fiction (4)
Traditional Literature (4)
Realistic Fiction (4)
Fantasy (4)
Science Fiction (4)
Mystery (3)
Plays (3)
Graphic Novel (2)
Classics (4)
Poetry (4)
Your choice (10)
If anybody would like to try it... GO FOR IT!! :) We can see who can finish it first :) But if I want to be able to finish 50 books I should probably start reading more... Well im off to read! :)


  1. Whoo, sounds like fun! So you only have to try to read them? Like you could read 2 pages and quit? Or do you have to read the whole thing? I might have to try this too :)