Sunday, August 7, 2011

Girls camp :)

I got back from girls camp on friday and I had a GREAT time :) well luckily some of my friends took pictures so I will put them on here :)

Sam wouldnt close her eyes and go to sleep... but then THIS plan backfired on me...

If you cant tell... she is holding me down alone with all of the many other pictures... (If you have a facebook, you can look at all the other pictures that I dont post...)

we are real wilderness girls :)

gathering around for our "service project" ( we just spilt planted seeds :) ) dont ask.. I made alot of... weird faces..

our bishop showing us how its done...

gather round the camp fire :)

water games at the lake... we got a LITTLE wet...

we YCLs were weirdos...

a little tired by the end of the week...

by the way.. this is a ward picture from youth conference :)

I love my ward! Especially the young woman in my ward! I had an AMAZING time at girls camp :)

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I LOVE that water photo, it's so clear and colorful, you look cute too Jessimay. :-)