Monday, July 11, 2011

my new thing

I have recently gotten more into tennis. I used to play when I was a little girl, when my older brothers would play. I decided that I wanted to play a sport because all I have been doing is track. So it was either tennis or soccer and since I am probably better at tennis, thats what i chose. So I asked David my brother to play tennis with me so I have been getting back "in the groove" (because I had lost most if not all of my skill..) Then my mom and I played a jfew times, then I played with my dad. I also figured out that the tryouts are the same time that I have girls camp... So i emailed the coach and she said that if I go to the open courts she could watch and see. So today I went to an open court. We mostly just went over technique. Then afterwords we were just talking and im probably going to be on the team because they are basiclly letting everybody on... but still they said I was picking it up really quickly :) I will try to maybe get pictures of me playing but my mom has to take them because i cant really take a picture of myself playing... anyways I just thought I would let you all know that I am now playing tennis :)

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  1. I can comment again! I don't know why but for the longest time I couldn't comment on your blog. Way to go with the tennis thing. You are so brave and awesome!