Monday, March 14, 2011

no school

So today Alpine schooll district didn't have school because we had a snow make up day or whatever they call it. It is pretty much if we had to take school off because of snow we would have had school today but since Utah only closes school down if there is A TON and I mean A TON of snow... but we had school off today! So today I decided I would go to school with my mom rather than just stay home and clean. First graders are crazy. End of story. Not really but you get the point. I was trying to teach them how to make an oragomi lotus box... I would suggest never try that because you will end up making 20 more than you were planning on making... or you will get "TEACHER I CAN"T DO IT!!!" Well I also got to drive there and back! 2 hours closer to my license (which I will be getting June 2nd) well, thats all for now! BYE

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