Sunday, January 23, 2011

catch up

Well if anybody even looks at this thing I will now catch you up on everything that has happened! It is now a new year, I figured out I am going to have a new niece in May, second semester of my sophomore year has started, and a lot more but that's just the gist of it all! :) I will now tell you a bunch of useless stuff about myself :) you could stop here if you really want!
  1. My name is Jessica Marie Oliver
  2. my favorite color is the rainbow
  3. I wish I were 5 again so I didn't have to be a teenage with all of its drama
  4. I HATE teenage drama
  5. I have a dog named Willie who at times can be annoying but i love him
  6. I have 2 fish one I really hate cause he killed the others and a sucker fish
  7. We have turtle that is my brothers but it is living at our house
  8. I am the youngest of 6 (one sister and 4 brothers)
  9. I am an aunt to a niece and a nephew and another half niece (she will be born in May)
  10. I love my family and my friends
  11. My brother is on a mission
  12. I wish the temperature was always perfect
  13. I wish that it only snowed on the week of Christmas
  14. I am a sophomore in high school
  15. I really am OK with school as long as there is no homework
  16. My favorite classes are the ones I have with my best friends
  17. I want to either be a nurse or a cosmetologist when I grow up
  18. I don't really wanna grow up cause I don't wanna pay bills and all that junk
  19. I am a daughter of God.
  20. When I grow up I want to have the perfect life :)

Well now that you know 20 next things about me..... Anyways if you read all of that you must have a lot of time on your hands... but I guess so do I.... I am going to try to manage my time better. Well see ya!


  1. Haha :)

    I look at it... but only when you post :)

  2. Yes, I have a lof of time on my hands.

  3. First of all-rainbow cannot be your favorite color-that's cheating. Second-I Agree-don't grow up! Stay little as long as possible and enjoy it while you have it.

  4. I love you Jess! We're going to Neverland- remember? ;)

  5. haha glad to know that you guys look at this :)
    and I cant just have 1 favorite color so that is why i pick the rainbow!
    and Sam I love you too and we really need to go soon! :p