Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving is coming!

SO for Thanksgiving I am WAY excited! BECAUSE.... all of my sibblings that dont live around me are coming! :) Brian is also leaving for the MTC on Dec. 1st so he is going to talk in church so they are coming for that to! i get to see all of the people in the below pictures + Jennifer and Jaroms boys! and if any of you see this dont let us forget to take a big family picture because the nest time we will be able to do that will be another 2 YEARS! yeah thats alot sowe cant forget! :)Yeah so the top picture was at Phillip and Jess's wedding because i dont think i have any other pictures of all of us! That is why Kyra and Spencer aren't in it but lucky i had a picture of both of them so yeah.. :) YAY! WAY EXCITED!!!!! see you guys on wednesday!


  1. Way cute! Hope you had fun :) Gonna miss Brian? Probably not, eh? haha jkjkjk. ;)